Welcome from Dr. DeLeys Brandman


Being a doctor can be challenging. It’s always been my goal to help my patients obtain the treatments they need, even when it required overcoming multiple roadblocks. It’s getting harder though; there are an increasing number of barriers between patients and critical, life saving solutions, including insurance and access rules, huge deductibles, “out-of network” pricing, eligibility rules, and painfully slow drug development processes.

I wanted to create a broader support system, especially for those with critical health needs and life threatening conditions. I started Compassionate Access to work through these challenges, patient by patient – providing education, risk analysis, and funding to those locked out of the system. Compassionate Access will blaze new trails for those who have lost their way.

My team and I are looking forward to hearing from you, whether you’re a patient looking for an advanced new therapy; a drug or device developer looking to test new therapies on eligible patients and collect data in a rigorous manner; or a healthcare provider trying to separate science from science fiction. Our goal is to assemble the processes and partners to accelerate scientific and medical development, while providing critical care for individual patients in need.

We and our partners focus on “bottom up” thinking – meaning we focus on what’s best for the patient given the science and medical knowledge available. We support individuals to understand their choices, and then help make these choices accessible via donations and crowd-sourced funding of tests and therapeutics. We then collect treatment data in a highly rigorous manner, to accelerate the underlying science and drug development.

DeLeys Brandman, M.D.
Executive Director, Compassionate Access