Scientific Advisory Board

Kevin Perrott – Chair 

Kevin Perrott_croppedKevin is a scientist at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, co-founder of SENS Research Foundation, Executive Director of the Methuselah Foundation Mprize, and Founder and CEO of AgeNet, all organizations with related Missions to develop and distribute interventions for restoring function and curing disease.

Compassionate Access is committed to providing informed consumer access to emerging technologies for critical health needs. Our Scientific Advisory Board gathers information and risk assessments for these technologies to establish a profile that patients can understand. We are assembling a team of experts committed to accelerating the emergence of new therapies in compliance with FDA Expanded Access Guidelines.

A Message from the Chair

Although I am a scientist and entrepreneur, I am at my core, a cancer survivor.  Experiencing the field of medicine as a patient I felt uninformed, powerless, and unprepared.   I found that I was not alone and that many others were in situations unimaginably more difficult.  I took this revelation to heart and resolved to try to do something about it.

I have tremendous optimism for medical advances, but just as clearly understand that despite the tremendous promise of new technologies, the rate at which potential therapies and cures are tested and delivered is incredibly slow, must too slow for most in need today.  Technology is moving too fast for the regulatory process to keep up, patients and those developing life-saving technologies are losing out. We must move faster to connect patients in need with technology that could save their lives or at least reduce their suffering.

The barriers between patients and life saving health technologies needs to be as low as reasonably possible, and patients need to be enabled to make informed decisions based on verified science and risk/benefit analysis. We provide that guidance through the existing FDA Expanded Access guidelines. Technology developers need to be supported as well, so they can learn and benefit from the early experiences of patients who choose to fight for their health via new technologies. We’re building partnerships with cutting edge companies with advanced new therapies.

We invite patients, physicians, and health technology developers to contact us to see what we can do for you and how we can work together for the benefit of all.

I am also encouraging inquiries and nominations for membership on this Board. If you are an expert in any stage of the health technology development process and are similarly committed to accelerating the delivery of new health technologies for compassionate access, I encourage you to email me so we can work together to ensure the most rapid access to the best technologies for all current and future patients.

The tools are here, so are the hearts and hands to wield them.