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Compassionate Access recognizes the complexity of the decisions facing companies developing advanced new therapies, as well as investors in those companies. You’re working on promising new solutions that have shown exciting results in early trials, and patients with critical needs are demanding to use them – in some cases with public pleas for mercy that make your company look hard-hearted at best. It’s hard to say no, but real risks exist, and both regulations and current production limits restrict your ability to provide treatment to all who could potentially benefit. Compassionate Access wants to help you open up your treatment supply channel in a methodical way. Everybody benefits:

  • You receive a methodical pathway for applying your limited therapies in the manner most likely to develop meaningful data
  • The patients most likely to benefit from your treatments receive them in a timely manner, beginning the positive “buzz” that will help your company succeed
  • Our methodical, objective matching of treatments and qualified patients avoids gut-wrenching media pleas by prospective patients and their families
  • When media does cover your treatment, we function as an outside scientific panel and virtual “institutional review board” to comment on the scientific value, patient eligibility guidelines, and ethical issues associated with your treatment; our distance and non-profit status give us a credibility that corporations can’t match
  • We use sophisticated software for collecting and analyzing patient data, which can help you both with research as well as managing investors, who expect to review such data at tranche points
  • Even if you only have a small set of patients, Compassionate Access can draft individual case studies that describes specific situations and outcomes in greater detail
  • Compassionate Access can also help you explore new or off-label uses for your therapy

Register with Compassionate Access for a scientific review and to develop a patient profile that we can provide to interested patients and physicians.


Are you considering investing in a new biomedical technology but want additional confidence that it’s “for real”? Assuming our advisors feel that this technology addresses an unmet medical need, we can organize small, fast “mini-trials” to get you the data you need to make an informed decision. You can potentially option the technology short-term while we run the trial, in case the data is positive. Even if you ultimately decide not to invest in the technology, chances are you will have helped some patients – and the cost of the trial is tax deductible. Investors who also have their own non-profit foundations may be able to use foundation funds (consult your tax professional).