Patients & their families – Today’s patients have access to much more information on healthcare options than ever before. This information is both useful and overwhelming. Many new therapies described on the internet are both difficult to understand and – if they happen to be relevant – are often poorly reimbursed, if at all. Many patients are needy or underprivileged, facing life-ending conditions, and have run out of options.

Patients need an ally who understands both their specific conditions as well as new therapies for those conditions. Patients want action plans for crowd-funding or grant support for testing and treatment, plus access to companies with new drugs and devices coming to market.

Even patients who are bright and well-informed need education and expert support to understand the complexity of the science and their personal risk/benefit analysis, and to navigate FDA regulations and payer denials.

Compassionate Access has been established to provide the education and expert resources to help patients understand their choices, to assist with the decision making process, and to navigate the complexities of access in today’s healthcare environment.

Compassionate Access can also help obtain funding to pay for critical tests and therapeutics that are beyond the reach of individual patients with life threatening needs.

And regardless of the outcome for individual patients, Compassionate Access is committed to collecting case studies and clinical data that will benefit others facing similar choices, and accelerate scientific understanding and the road to further advances.

Patients overwhelming want to survive their conditions, but if that’s not possible, they want others to benefit from their cases. Compassionate Access was created to make that possible.