As physicians ourselves, we know full well that sometimes your patients run out of options – yet some are fighters who refuse to give up. They want your help exploring options outside the box – new therapies that aren’t yet approved, or are approved only outside the US. Countries with fewer regulations can create a dilemma for you: of course you want to help your patients, but not by incurring personal legal liability or exacerbating your patient’s health problems with bogus therapies.

New treatments can be very powerful – but they can also be risky. Compassionate Access exists to help you find a safe, ethical path forward. We understand the issues, can help you keep your patients informed, find scientists to evaluate new treatments, and organize non-partisan, virtual “institutional review boards”. We can help you evaluate risk-benefit on a per-patient, per treatment basis.

Oversight support

We are seeking interested physicians to support the medical and scientific “vetting” of new treatments and solutions on behalf of patients.